If you have been approached online or in person go to

If you see something suspicious call 
National Human Trafficking Hotline Number
1-888-373-7888 or Text BeFree (233733).

For victim assistance call 
Washington Anti-Trafficking Response Network 

To find who are convicted buyers in your state

 How to spot a trafficker

Internet Safety

Freedom13 suggests children five and older do the activities on to learn online safety. is a great resource for parents for internet and computer safety. has developed a free Abduction Prevention course for k-5. It is available online at

The coloring book You Can’t Fool Me: Be a Safe Kid has proven to be an effective tool to teach younger children when to be suspicious of strangers and how to ask for help. Freedom13 will give these away at  events. Our sincere thanks and appreciation to South Kitsap Republican Women, the Kitsap Community Foundation, DD DeNotta Seafood and the Kitsap Sun for their generous donation supporting our coloring books. You can download your own free copy here.

Fingerprinting all children is an effective tool for retrieving children abducted into the sex trade. Here’s how it works:
  • Children are fingerprinted and the parents keep the kit in a safe place at home.
  • If their child goes missing, they immediately report it to the police and turn over the fingerprint kit.
  • The prints are entered into a national database.
  • When police arrest a child for prostitution they run their fingerprints against the database, identifying the child and contacting their parents or guardians.
Freedom13 distributes free fingerprint kits at events. Our sincere thanks and appreciation to Brewton Hight Farmers Insurance of Silverdale for their generous donation of the fingerprint kits. You can get great information and free fingerprint ID Kits at

Chosen, a sex trafficking prevention video and resource package for youth tells the shocking true story of two "All-American" teenage girls tricked into trafficking. The 20-minute video is designed to equip preteens and teens to protect themselves and others from being trapped in the horrific and violent sex industry. Chosen Gang Edition tells how gang recruit and use girls in prostitution. You can get your copies at SharedHope. You can also email us at to schedule a free showing of Chosen or Chosen Gang Edition.

We teach an extensive training course on Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking, Identifying and Responding to America’s Trafficked Youth, which is good for educators, church leaders, and any people in a position to interact with youth. You can also purchase the DVD at SharedHopeInternational .

Want to learn more about human trafficking. These are excellent reads on the subject: 

Renting Lacy: A Story Of America's Prostituted Children (A Call to Action) by Linda Smith available at SharedHopeInternational or

For Their Tears I Died - Stories of Extreme Suffering and Extravagant Redemption in Human Trafficking and Social Injustice compiled by Patricia King available at and