The Problem/News

  • It is estimated that every 30 seconds a child is trafficked for sexual exploitation. (          
  • Over 100,000 American Children are exploited sexually each year. The average age for entry into prostitution in the US is 13. (
  • Detective Harry James of the Vice & High risk unit of the Seattle Police & Poulsbo resident stated, "It’s a hard truth to accept: There are women & girls in Kitsap county that are being trafficked, usually in the sex trade & they come from all walks of life."
  • Bremerton Police Chief reports, "That recent efforts targeting trafficking in the Seattle area and Tacoma led the suspects to believe that Kitsap County and the Bremerton area were 'wide open' and 'posed less risk of arrest.'”
What can we do about it?  Solutions.

Area News:

'PORT ORCHARD--- Michael Joseph Kively, 57, of Port Orchard, A registered sex offender convicted in 2017 of possession of child pornography was charged Thursday after new allegations of dealing in child pornography emerged.' (Kitsap Sun, Sept. 13, 2019)

'PORT ORCHARD — A man convicted of exchanging sex for money with a 16-year-old runaway, and filming her, was sentenced earlier this month to seven years in prison.A woman accused of working as a prostitute and pimping the teen to the man was sentenced to more than nine years. Both Travis Shon Beach, 46, and Melissa Franchesca Johnson, 25, pleaded guilty to crimes stemming from encounters in 2017.' (Kitsap Sun, July 21, 2019)

'The Washington State Patrol arrested 22 suspected dangerous sexual predators during a multi-day sting operation in Thurston County this month.Those arrested include one 17-year-old from Olympia and three from Joint Base Lewis McChord.
This was the 15th operation known as "Operation Net Nanny," led by the WSP's Missing and Exploited Children Task Force (MECTF), an Internet Crimes Against Children affiliate. 
From Feb. 15-20, undercover officers used websites and apps to contact to communicate with people interested in having sex with children, said WSP in a news release.' (KOMONEWS, Feb 21, 2019)

‘CNN-The University of Utah track athlete shot dead by an ex-boyfriend told police she'd recently sent the man $1,000 to keep compromising photos from being posted online, university officials revealed Thursday…Lauren McCluskey, a 21-year-old senior from Pullman, Washington, was slain Monday night on the campus in Salt Lake City, police said.’ (CNN, October 29, 2018)

Orcas Island-‘Eastound resident Christian Hogle, 53, is accused of distributing child pornography…According to court documents, an agent with Homeland Security began investigating Hogle in June 2017 after the Federal Bureau of Investigation identified “Kik” messenger program users who were sending images and videos of child pornography to each other.’ (, Aug, 2018)

BANGOR--'Four third class petty officers assigned to submarine commands at Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor have been accused of sex crimes against a child under the age of 16 and producing child pornography by filming an incident that occurred on base in the barracks last fall.' (Kitsap Sun, Oct.1, 2018) 

'PORT ORCHARD — Kitsap Superior Court Judge Jeanette Dalton sentenced Jeremy Blaine Fenney to over 340 years in prison Monday after a jury convicted him last month of 44 separate charges, most involving the torture and abuse of a woman who worked as a prostitute for him.' (Kitsap Sun, March 26, 2018)

'A Seattle-area man who posed as an HBO documentarian while coercing young women and teen girls to work as prostitutes for his benefit has been convicted on 17 federal felonies following a jury trial.' (, Nov. 6, 2017)

‘SEATTLE - Prosecutors say a 50-year-old civilian cyber security expert stationed at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Keyport, Kitsap County, met a 12-year-old girl for sex in Bothell.
Robert Christian Perdomo allegedly met the girl on a phone chat line and drove to her Bothell apartment to meet her last month.

Perdomo, who is 50, according to court records, allegedly showed up Sept. 21 and picked the girl up in his convertible. They parked in a secluded area of the apartment parking lot and had sex, the Bothell Police Department reported.

Prosecutors charged him Oct. 10 with second-degree child rape.’ (, Oct. 18, 2017)

‘BREMERTON —20 men arrested within the last week as part of an online sting in Kitsap County.

As part of “Operation Net Nanny,” undercover detectives place online ads or answer them posing as someone else. In one case detectives posed as a fictitious 13-year-old boy seeking sex. In another, it was a fictitious mother looking for a man to have sex with her children. When the men seeking sex with children show up at the pre-arranged location they are arrested.

Matthews made plans on Friday to have sex with a 13-year-old girl and was arrested when he went to the prearranged meeting place. He was charged in Kitsap County Superior Court with attempted second-degree rape of a child.

Also arrested as part of the sting was Boyd L. Carter, 41, of Silverdale, a Bremerton High School PTA officer who was charged with attempted second-degree rape of a child and communication with a minor for immoral purposes.’  (Kitsap Sun, Oct. 17, 2017)

TACOMA, Wash. -- Seven members of a street gang have been charged with trafficking minors for sex. They were forced to engage in prostitution in Tacoma, Lakewood, Olympia, Lacey and Bellingham, officials said.

Detectives said the girls were solicited at up to $200 each time that equals $2,000 a night. Police say the girls see little of that. Investigators say they found 15 victims ages 13-27.

Law enforcement says all are members of the Tillicum Park Gangsters. Bail for each was set at $1 million. 

The FBI and local law enforcement say some gangs are changing their tactics away from drug selling and 'to' human trafficking.’ (, Oct. 3, 2017)

'PORT ORCHARD — A registered sex offender allegedly caught Friday filming a 13-year-old girl at the Poulsbo Library was charged with first-degree voyeurism in Kitsap County Superior Court.  

First-degree voyeurism, for which Moore was charged Monday, describes the crime as photographing for sexual purposes the “intimate area” of another person without their consent in a place where they have a “reasonable expectation of privacy."

Deputy Scott Wilson, spokesman for the Kitsap County Sheriff's Office, said Moore is required to register with the office. Moore is a "level 2" sex offender.' Read the full article here. (Kitsap Sun, Aug. 15, 2017)'

'BREMERTON -- The massage business happened to be one of seven in Kitsap County — which range from Poulsbo to Port Orchard — identified as suspect by cop-turned-consultant Lavon Watson, who has made a new career out of investigating the rising tide of what some call “illicit massage businesses,” or IMBs.

Ironically, while police and prosecutors here have devoted resources to and have won decades-long convictions for some pimps involved in human trafficking, storefronts — licensed by state and local governments to operate — might be furthering sex slavery.
Experts say the women working inside are particularly vulnerable to the men who buy their services. They say they are often victims of human trafficking, and if they are assaulted there isn’t much chance they will call the police.' Read the full article here. (Kitsap Sun, Dec.17. 2016)

‘PORT ORCHARD — A 26-year-old man who pleaded guilty in Kitsap County Superior Court to using Skype to watch women sexually assault young girls as he watched and directed them from his laptop was sentenced to more than seven years in prison… Investigators estimated one of the girls was 8 to 10 years old; the other about 1, according to court documents.’ Read the full article here. (Kitsap Sun, May 9, 2017)

‘EDMONDS — Three different men are accused of sex trafficking an Edmonds girl this summer, starting when she was 12 years old, police records show.

Detectives are recommending that all three men be charged with promoting commercial sex abuse of a minor. One of the men also is accused of second-degree child rape.

The girl’s parents contacted Edmonds police in July, not long after her 13th birthday. The mother reported seeing Facebook messages between the girl and a man. In the messages, the man described coordinating customers to have sex with the girl. He was posting ads on, a classifieds website known by police for its use in sex trafficking.

The girl had told her parents the man was a 16-year-old boy named “Blade” who had bought her a phone and lingerie. In reality, he was 25. Expensive presents can be a sign of human trafficking; Edmonds Detective Stacie Trykar wrote in an affidavit for a search warrant.’ (HaroldNet, Dec. 3, 2016)

‘Texas authorities arrested Carl Ferrer, the CEO of, today as part of a joint sex trafficking investigation with the California District Attorney’s office. Ferrer, who is based in Dallas, is facing pimping and related charges in California. The joint investigation says it has uncovered evidence that adult and child sex trafficking victims were forced into prostitution through escort ads that appeared repeatedly on’ (, Oct. 6, 2016)
'PORT ORCHARD — After deliberating for about a half-day Monday, a jury found a former Bremerton School District volunteer guilty of sexually assaulting five girls. Stephen Jabs, 53, shook his head as Kitsap Superior Court Judge Kevin Hull read the lengthy verdict forms. Jabs was convicted of 10 felonies: five counts of first-degree rape of a child and five counts of first-degree child molestation.' (Kitsap Sun, July 18, 2016)

'PORT ORCHARD — A 48-year-old charged with kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl he allegedly met through social media lived with the teenager for about two months in a Kingston apartment. The man, Jeffrey Joel Dilks, was arrested Thursday in Kennewick after Kitsap County Sheriff's deputies were contacted about locating a girl classified as a runaway. Court documents say the man met the girl via social media and paid for a train ticket for her to travel from Florida to Washington state.' (Kitsap Sun, June 3, 2016)

‘LYNNWOOD, Wash. -- When Kevin Best (Central Kitsap Fire and Rescue) showed up in Lynnwood on Saturday detectives said he believed he was meeting a woman and 12-year-old girl for sex.
Six men, including Best, were arrested during the four-day undercover operation in Snohomish County that involved child rape and commercial sexual exploitation of minors.
Detectives said Best told them during the conversations that he had sex with other children in the past- including some he even drugged.
"You're being proactive. You're getting people who are not on the radar," said (Sgt.) Rodriguez. "These are people that are not (registered) sex offenders, nobody knows about-- these are the ones that I think are more dangerous."
Best, who has been with Central Kitsap Fire and Rescue since April 2004 is now on administrative leave. He's being held on a $500,000 bail.’ (KomoNews, February 22, 2016)

EVERETT, Wash. (AP) — A 35-year-old woman in Washington state has been found guilty of more than a dozen sex crimes involving her 6-year-old daughter. The Herald reports that prosecutors say the Marysville woman and her husband solicited customers through Craigslist to sexually assault the girl. Detectives say they found a video of the girl being abused by a man while her mother watched.’ (, Feb 4, 2016)

‘KING CO., Wash.
  • 12 brothels (shut down) in Bellevue
  • 12 victims rescued, according to Bellevue police
  • Women were victimized in 15 U.S. states
  • At least one recent murder is related to the trafficking case
  • National prostitution website,, seized in investigation

According to investigators, who call the case “on steroids,” facilitated prostitution and “The League” started the brothels in Bellevue...
The local investigation, which began in spring 2015, not only dismantled a national network of sex traffickers – but buyers, too.
It focused on how individuals and organizations used the Internet and social media to build and perpetuate a market for prostituted Asian women in the Pacific Northwest.
Investigators took “the unprecedented step of using a court order to seize the primary website used by the group,” according to a news release.’ (KIRO 7 News, Jan 7, 2016)
‘"That means there are 18-to-20,000 men who are not buying sex on that site."’ (King5, Jan 8, 2016)

TACOMA--Ten people who tried to make deals online to have sex with children in Pierce County were arrested and charged with attempted child rape in a four-day Washington State Patrol undercover child-sex operation. Detectives told KIRO 7 they posed online as young teen girls and boys, and as the mother of three teenaged children, and they received hundreds of responses. Detectives say 10 people—including a couple from Vancouver, 

Washington and a man claiming to work as a social worker for the City of Tacoma—were arrested after agreeing to meet in various locations around Tacoma.‘ (Kiro7, December 22, 2015) To read the full article click here.

‘KITSAP COUNTY, Wash. -- Detectives with the Washington State Patrol Missing and Exploited Child Task Force arrested nine people in an undercover operation in Kitsap County that involved sexual exploitation of children. 
During "Operation Net Nanny", which began on August 24th, undercover detectives communicated with suspects through online ads and social media to arrange meetings. In some cases, the suspects offered cash and video games for sex with girls who they believed were just 7 and 11 years old. 

Some of the agencies that assisted WSP in the operation include the Kitsap County Sheriff's Office, Bremerton Police, FBI's Child Exploitation Task Force, Homeland Security Investigations, the Department of Corrections, and Operation Underground Railroad, a non-profit organization that rescues kidnapped children from slavery. (, September 4, 2015)

PORT ORCHARD — A Pierce County man accused of pimping and raping underage girls has pleaded guilty in Kitsap Superior Court. The Kitsap Sun reported that Ricky Lee Grundy Jr. entered his pleas Monday to human trafficking, promoting sexual abuse of a minor and three counts of child rape. The victims were 14 and 15 years old. Sentencing was set for Sept. 25. Prosecutors say it’s the most serious human trafficking case they’ve handled. Grundy kept rooms at hotels in Tacoma and Bremerton. Court documents say the girls were assaulted if they disobeyed Grundy. Prosecutors say the girls were runaways, and Grundy, a meth dealer, would provide them with the drug.’ (Associated Press, August 25, 2015) For full article click Kitsap Sun.

'PORT ORCHARD — Police are looking for a man who tried to lure a young girl into his car first by offering candy, then by threatening her with a knife. A young girl was walking with her dog when she was approached by an unknown man, Port Orchard police said. The man tried to lure her into a car by offering her candy and clothing, police said, before showing her a knife and brandishing it toward her. The girl’s dog growled at the man, and she and the dog ran off. The girl’s age was not immediately released. She was not hurt in the incident.' ( August 2015)

'PORT ORCHARD — The Kitsap County sheriff’s office says seven men are under arrest on charges that they were soliciting prostitution.
The men, who range in age from 18 to 63 years old, were picked up Wednesday night during a sting operation in Port Orchard.
The men were booked into the Kitsap County Jail and bail was set for $10,000.
Detective Lieutenant Earl Smith says they plan to conduct similar operations in the future in their battle against human trafficking.'
(The Seattle Times, March 26, 2015)

'TACOMA, Wash. -- The mother of a runaway teen is being credited with breaking up a Puget Sound human-trafficking ring.
Two suspects were in court on Tuesday, and a third turned himself in to Tacoma police Tuesday night.
Investigators have uncovered at least two teenage victims and believe there could be more.
Charging papers say the three operated a sophisticated human trafficking ring using motels along the I-5 corridor mainly in Tacoma, but stretching from Everett through Olympia.
Police say they use the marketing website and craigslist to market the girls for sex. The mother of one of those victim's found her daughter's photo on and took it upon herself to get her daughter back.' (, Jan 27, 2015)

‘EVERETT, Wash. -- A Snohomish County woman (Jennifer Lee Wilson)  is accused of sex-trafficking her own teen-age daughter, and relatives say it all started when the girl was just 11 years old.’ (KomoNews December 29, 2014)

'Two Olympia men arrested for human trafficking-Two teenage girls are in state care after Washington State Patrol's task force on missing children arrested two alleged traffickers, detectives said Friday. (King 5 News, Nov. 28, 2014)

‘Six people were arrested in a prostitution operation at a Bremerton motel…11 prostitutes were booked and released from custody and six people were arrested for human-trafficking related charges. Detectives said the youngest prostitute was 18-years-old… one of the female pimps…is accused of being the main prostitute for Ricky Grundy, who was booked into Kitsap County Jail in July for...human trafficking. Detectives said Grundy sold an underage girl for sex at motels throughout the area…Two people arrested in Bremerton were part of an ongoing investigation in Pierce County...sold women and underage girls for sex.’ (, Nov 14, 2014)

'Bremerton pimp sentenced to 40 years...Superior Court Judge Sally Olsen sentenced Harris to 486 months in prison for eight counts related to the sex trafficking of the woman and the two teens, 16 and 17...Harris was at the center of a wide-ranging investigation into a violent and bizarre world, where men sold women and teens to men in surrounding counties by advertising them on the Internet site Prosecutor Farshad Talebi said the problem extends beyond Harris. "This is a small sampling of what is going on," he said.' (Kitsap Sun, Sept. 26, 2014)

‘Predators luring teen boys into making porn - A 13-14 year old boy is tricked by a predator into having virtual sex online. Brad Bench from Homeland Security Investigations in Seattle states, “There’s software out there than can capture those images.” The boys don’t know they are producing child pornography. In 2014, agents busted child predators using the webcam scam and discovered 251 victims across 39 states including five boys in Western Washington.’ (Kiro 7, May 19, 2014)

‘Port Orchard— Four alleged pimps charged after police sting in Bremerton. .. and six women, including one from the Bremerton area, also were arrested, according to a statement from the Bremerton Police Department…Bremerton Police Department’s Special Operations Group, which includes a Poulsbo Police officer, along with the FBI, NCIS and Homeland Security participated in the sting.  The suspected pimps had taken women to the meeting point and two women brought along their children — 7 months and 3 years — who waited in the car. The children were given to Child Protective Services workers…“Neglected kids, drug use, robbery and continued violent victimization of women and girls are all part of this sad and insidious crime,” Bremerton Police Chief Steve Strachan said in a statement.’ (Kitsap Sun, April 18, 2014)

‘PORT ORCHARD - A man who ran a cocaine dealing enterprise from his mother's house while he was in prison pleaded guilty Friday to a count of leading organized crime. ‘Tyler Freeman Williams, 37, of Bremerton, also pleaded guilty to a count of second-degree promoting prostitution, possession of cocaine with intent to deliver and witness tampering.’ (Kitsap Sun, January 17, 2014)

‘Port Orchard, Wash. (AP) --The first man convicted of human trafficking in Kitsap County has been sentenced to 50 years in prison. ‘The Kitsap Sun reported that 34-year-old Anthony D. Parker of Port Orchard was convicted in November and prosecutors asked for an exceptional term at Tuesday's sentencing. The penalty imposed by Superior Court Judge Sally Olsen is four years more than prosecutors sought. ‘Deputy Prosecutor Farshad Talebi says Olsen added the extra time for acts of deliberate cruelty. ‘The newspaper says Parker has filed an appeal. ‘He also was convicted of other charges, including kidnapping, multiple counts of assault and unlawful possession of a firearm.’ (AP-Seattle PI, January 14, 2014)

‘Police arrest 9 in sex sting, sweep targets human trafficking, child exploitation. Suquamish Clearwater Casino co-operated with Homeland Security, FBI, County Sheriffs, Tribal and Poulsbo Police in a sting operation targeting minor sex trafficking. Eight adult women were arrested, no minors. The male driver was arrested on drug charges and suspicion of promoting prostitution.’ (Kitsap Sun, October 25, 2013)

‘A Gig Harbor man ... deemed Washington State’s top down loader of child pornography... arrested 46-year-old Elwood "Woody" Anderson for allegedly trading in thousands of images of child pornography.’ (Kiro 7, October 3, 2013)

‘A Washington man is facing federal child pornography charges after allegedly recording and posting online the sexual assault of an 8-year-old girl at an elementary school where he was once the PTA president. Federal prosecutors say David M. Navarro, 37, shot a cell phone video of the Belfair Elementary School -- and shared it on the web.’ (CNN, August 29, 2013) Update, Navarro pleaded guilty.

‘A Yelm man arrested in March for allegedly patronizing an underage prostitute was sentenced to two months in jail last Thursday. Scott Surma, 46, pleaded guilty June 20 to felony communicating with a minor for immoral purposes and patronizing a prostitute, a misdemeanor.’ (Nisqually Valley News, August 2, 2013)

In January 2013 Kitsap Sun reported a man with a knife attempted to abduct a high school girl on her way to her bus stop in Manchester last month. (Kitsap Sun, Jan 28, 2013)