Prevention:    Awareness training of adults and children
Rescue:          Victim identification, safe houses
Restoration:   Physical, emotional and spiritual support   

Sandy Hill continues to be a popular public speaker and continues her successful awareness training of adults and students through speaking engagements. 

Gene Hill gives talks about the most dangerous Apps and what is dangerous about the most popular websites on the Internet and what to do to protect youth.

Want Sandy or Gene to speak to your group? Contact us.

The You Can’t Fool Me: Be a Safe Kid coloring book has proven to be an effective tool to teach younger children when to be suspicious of strangers and how to ask for help. We distribute these for free at Sandy’s speaking engagements, public events and other appropriate venues whenever we can. Our sincere thanks and appreciation to South Kitsap Republican Women, the Kitsap Community Foundation, DD DeNotta Seafood and the Kitsap Sun for their generous donation supporting our coloring books. Learn more. has developed a free Abduction Prevention course for k-5. It is available online at See other excellent activities to teach youth online safety at 

We offer free screenings of the movie Chosen where two Washington girls reveal their experiences with sex trafficking. Our sincere thanks and appreciation to Kitsap Democratic Women for the generous donation that paid for Chosen. We also offer the movie Chosen Gang Edition which tells how gangs recruit for sex trafficking. Want these in your school, youth or parents group? We offer an extensive Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking training course.  Would your school, youth or parents group like to take this free course? Contact us.

Fingerprinting all children is an effective tool for retrieving children abducted into the sex trade. Freedom13 continues to distribute free fingerprint/ID Kits at all its events. Our sincere thanks and appreciation to Brewton Hight Farmers Insurance of Silverdale for their generous donation of the fingerprint kits. Learn more about fingerprinting.

Safe House
Children who are rescued by law enforcement or who call help lines like WARN need an environment safe from their traffickers. Freedom13 supports specially outfitted safe houses.

Rescued children needs are:

Physical: Secure location, a furnished house with all their physical needs met.

Emotional: Specifically trained counselors to deal with the issues of exploited children.

Spiritual Ministry: Team trained to minister spiritual healing.  

Freedom13 helps to provide trafficked children a place of escape and shelter, and ministry leading to restoration.