About Us

Freedom13 works to eliminate child sex trafficking by prevention, rescue, and restoration.”

Freedom13 collaborates with churches, synagogues and concerned groups to fill needs and join forces against child trafficking. We envision physical, emotional and spiritual healing for all trafficked children. 

In the US, the average age of a child trafficked into the sex trade is 13. Hence the name Freedom13. We are motivated by love for the victims of sex trafficking.

Freedom13 Directors:

Gene Hill

As President, Gene uses his management experience in both large companies and start-ups to direct the organization and finances. Gene uses his background in designing computer chips to speak about the dangers of the internet and smartphones to adults. With teens, he conducts focus groups giving and getting information.

Sandy Hill

Sandy, a published children's author, donates profits from her writings to end child sex trafficking. As an experienced speaker she brings awareness of the problem of trafficking our children into the sex trade and provides solutions on how to protect them.  Here is a list of her recent and upcoming events. 

Together they are involved with the North Kitsap and Bremerton Anti-Drug Coalitions because the crimes of selling drugs and sex trafficking are often related.

They are volunteers with Shared Hope International, another organization against sex trafficking. Gene is involved in the men’s Defender Program and Sandy is one of their Ambassadors.