Christmas Outreach to Aged-out Kids

Gene, Madison, and Sandy .

Freedom13 partnered with Olive Crest to donate Christmas gifts to aged-out youth. Each youth was allowed to request a $50.00 gift. Freedom13 chose to contribute to 20 gift requests. Then, donations rolled in without our asking. All in all, we have been able to add another 20, doubling our original goal. A grand total of 40 kids will now receive Christmas gifts this year.  Thanks to all our volunteers, donors, and prayer support. You are the best!

Snapchat Survey on Sextortion
Two-thirds of teens on social media already targeted for sextortion. One quarter threatened with publishing a sexual item about them unless they pay.

51% approached from a fake social media account.
   71% of those asked to share and 44% did. 26% were threatened.
47% targeted by hacking social media or their electronics.
   59% had an item (photo etc.) stolen. 25% were threatened.

What to do if approached.
   Don't pay or do what they ask. 
   Report them to the social media platform.
   Block them but keep their messages for law enforcement.
   Report on

Must See Movie
Starting July 4th Sound of Freedom has limited showings in local theatres. Freedom13 rates this a must see.  Click link for the trailer.
Man Attempts Daylight Abduction on Kitsap Way
A 52-year-old man attacked a 12-year-old boy riding a bicycle on Kitsap Way. The boy escaped and the man chased after him unsuccessfully. An onlooker provided a description and police apprehended the man. Kitsap Sun, May 7, 2023

368 Arrested 131 Rescued in Sex Trafficking Operation
A one week operation in nine counties in California rescued children 13 to adults age 52. Partnering with a similar Los Angeles-based nonprofit Saving Innocents, has cared for 489 youth victims of sex trafficking this past year, with some as young as 11. TheEpochTimes, Feb.2, 2023

Three Things Children Shouldn't Do
Child crimes investigator Terra Avilla shared three things she never lets her children do. 1. No sleepovers. She says nothing good happens after 11pm. 2. No Snapchat. We agree. 3. No keeping secrets with other adults.

November 8th & 9th Foster Children
We presented virtually to over 25 foster parents and professionals on strategies and resources to keep foster children safer on and from the Internet. Using chat we found most foster families already keep electronics out of bedrooms which keeps children 10x safer. They learned the value of Bark WiFi FIlters and apps.

October 25th & 26th Children with Disabilities
We presented virtually to the Easter Seals group on disabilities the issues with vulnerabilities to trafficking.

October 21st, 2022 Babysitter Arrested in Seattle
The Seattle Police Department (SPD) is investigating if there may be other victims of a babysitter and former lifeguard, who was charged last week for taking sexually explicit photos of a child in his care.

On Oct. 10, King County prosecutors charged Antonio Diego Brugnoli-Baskin, 23, with sexual exploitation of a minor, as well as dealing and possession of depictions of a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct, police said.

August 2nd, 2022, National Night Out

We finished giving away 75 of our Internet safety books at the National Night Out. And almost as many cupcakes and cookies. It was a success. We also made contacts for our free presentations.

Giving Away 75 Award Winning Internet Safety Books

National Night Out

Silverdale, Wa YMCA

 Aug 2nd, 5-7:30 pm

Dec 2021 Our Internet Safety Book Wins Two Awards

The Royal Dragonfly Literary Competition chose our book on keeping children safe on the Internet as a winner in both the Education and Parenting categories. 

For more information and to buy a copy click here.

Dec 2021 The Effects of Porn

"The 19-year-old “Ocean Eyes” singer said during an interview with provocative shock jock Howard Stern, "As a Woman I Think Porn is a Disgrace.'

"Pop singer Billie Eilish is condemning pornography as a scourge on society.

“I started watching porn when I was 11,” she explained to Stern, who is known for his frequent objectification of women. “I didn’t understand why it was a bad thing. I thought that’s how you learn how to have sex.”

"Eilish went on to reveal the myriad ways pornography harmed her:

"I think it really destroyed my brain and I feel incredibly devastated that I was exposed to so much porn. I think that I had sleep paralysis, and these almost like night terrors, just nightmares. I think that’s how they started, because I would just watch abusive [pornography] and that’s what I thought was attractive, and it got to a point where I couldn’t watch anything unless it was violent, and I didn’t think it was attractive." (

August 2021 Free Replay of Internet Safety Webinar

Gene’s webinar on Internet Safety, hosted by Shared Hope, is available for free replay; click here. Attendees asked the following questions, and we include Gene’s answers.


Q: Parents can get Parent's Dashboard only through safety apps. Is that correct?

A: Yes, each app has its own dashboard to control settings for that app.


Q: Safety boxes and apps are separate or both same? Do we need to pay for apps if we have the box?

A: The Internet WiFi Filter safety boxes from Gryphon and Bark come with an app/dashboard that controls settings within the home. At a one-time $99 cost, this is a deal. The software apps that go on cellphones are $49 a year and are separate. Disney Circle bundles both together for $129 a year. Bark Premium and Canopy, which provide more levels of security, cost more.


Q: Schools blocking technologies are notoriously weak. Could schools adopt these technologies as well as families?

A: Yes, and many schools do already. Gryphon makes WiFi Filter boxes in larger sizes to cover larger areas. The sneak path around all router boxes is to turn off WiFi and connect to a cell tower. We still need students to put their phones in boxes during class.


Q: What are VPNs, and how do they interact with these technologies since they block cookies?

A: Virtual Private Networks hide the user’s identity, which prevents websites from collecting data. VPNs also get around almost all forms of censoring. Both features make them attractive for pedophiles etc. We are not fans of VPNs for minors, and parents should be sure none are active for their children.


Q: What can someone do if they find out their pictures have been shared without their permission?

A: Not a lot. You can use the photo to search the Internet for sites that have it, then ask the website to remove the image. They may or may not comply. You can do almost nothing if the photo is saved to private computers or is on the Dark Net. It is better to prevent rather than try to clean up. The whole issue of who owns modified images is hotly debated with few laws for protection.


Q: Do you have resources you can share for having conversations with children and youth about being safe online?

A: offers Good Pictures, Bad Pictures, as two books for two age groups to prepare children to deal with porn. They also have curriculum and guides for various parents and schools. also has material to help in discussions with children. has videos and tools for children and free curriculums to help parents and schools prepare minors to deal with many Internet issues. Our book on Internet safety gives parents facts they can share with their children. Go to the resource page here.

Aug 2021 Discount on Canopy (Now Expired)

Summer is coming to an end, and that means your kid's hectic school schedule is back! Use Canopy to keep them safe wherever they take their devices. That's why we're giving you the chance to test drive Canopy for 30-days free AND 20% off FOR LIFE! Try out our porn blocking, sexting deterrence, app management, and location tracking all at once! 

            1. Click the link below
            2. Log in to your account
            3. Complete registration

August 2021 Webinar

Gene will present on pornography, sexting, and teens on adult dating sites. Then cover advances in tools parents can use to protect their children. And Three Things Technology Could Do to protect children online.  Follow this link to sign up for the free webinar.

July 6 2021 Watching Porn Does Not Pay

Tacoma – A 37-year-old Tacoma man, Brandon Culp, was sentenced today in U.S. District Court in Tacoma to 90 months in prison and 15 years of supervised release for receipt of child pornography. Culp was previously caught and convicted in a sting where he sought to have sex with a child. June 22, 2021

Seattle – Johnathon R. Umphlett, a registered sex offender originally from Arkansas, was sentenced today in U.S. District Court in Seattle to 10 years in prison for possession of child pornography. Umphlett had a previous conviction for raping a child.  June 21, 2021

April 3 2021

2021 Gene is presenting Keep Children Safe on the InternetApril 21st, on Zoom. Register for free at

April 3, 2021

April 17th at 2:00 pm PDT, Sandy is screening Chosen a documentary about two girl's experiences in trafficking. She will give an overview of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking and answer questions. This is a free Zoom meeting. Register by sending an email to Click below for a 2 minute trailer.

March 12, 2021   Danger of Dating Sites

Anthony Vernon Weber, 32, pleaded guilty to kidnapping and child rape. An unhappy 12-year-old girl threatened to run away, then posted as an adult on dating websites. The man picked her up, took her to his house in Poulsbo and had sex with her.  (Kitsap Sun, Mar 10, 2021)

Key points are:

  • Unhappy 12-year-old-vulnerability
  • At home doing virtual school-opportunity
  • Lied to get on dating website-danger
  • Pedophile takes advantage of her-crime

January 2, 2021     Human Trafficking Awareness Month

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Gene and Sandy Hill are the directors of, an organization dedicated to ending the sex trafficking of minors. Sex trafficking of minors in America is their focus, especially using social media to approach, harass, and market minors. They have developed strategies to help protect children of all ages, which they share in their new book, Parents, Technology, Lawmakers, Let’s Keep Children Safe on the Internet! The book is available on Amazon, and profits will be donated to help protect children. Starting in January, they will share these strategies in free Zoom meetings with interested groups. If you have a group who wants to have a Zoom meeting, please email them at

They are passionate about getting the word out because they want children safe on the Internet. They ask you to share this link with five other people who have a heart for children.

Thank you

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Visa & Mastercard Stop Supporting Pornhub

Pornhub is the largest provider of online pornography, and they do not require proof of age to have an account. The Nation Center on Sexual Exploitation listed Visa on their Dirty Dozen of businesses facilitating sexual exploitation. After an investigative report by New York Times found Pornhub was showing and downloading actual rapes and child pornography, Visa and Mastercard suspended transactions with Pornhub. Pornhub is scrambling to control video sources, but has not implemented age verification.

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Washington Sex Education

If you are concerned about the Washington State Sex Education Curriculum and the defeat of R90, as we are, you need to be aware of Initiative 1109.

Initiative 1109 will require that:

  • Any sex education program adopted must be “opt-in”
  • Local School Boards and parents choose the sex education programming - not the State
  • Sexual health will only be offered in grades 5 - 12
  • Curriculum materials must be available online for citizen review
  • Curriculum content must be able to be broadcast on public media
  • Primary prevention/optimal health/sexual risk-taking avoidance behaviors be taught

Learn more at

Monday, October 26, 2020

Today, October 26th our new book

is available on Amazon. Writing this book was a labor of love for our community because we want to equip families with the information needed to protect your children online from sex traffickers and predators. We take you step by step on how to provide layers of protection for your loved ones. We included strategies to protect preschool through high school and discuss virtual schools.

Friday, October 2, 2020 

New Book Coming in October.

Gene and Sandy authored a book about domestic minor sex trafficking and how parents can keep their children safe on the Internet including a section on virtual schools. It also recommends changes to smartphones and websites to make children safe. Lastly, it reviews proposed laws.

Parents, Technology, Lawmakers, Let's Keep Children Safe on the Internet! Best Practices to Fight Sex Trafficking will be available at this month, October 2020.

Friday, September 19, 2020

27 Reasons to Monitor Your Kids Online

Ohio just caught 27 men who thought they were coming to a house to have sex with a child. Statistics were men in their twenties - 26%, thirties - 41%, and forties - 30%.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

The EARN IT ACT has passed the Senate Judiciary Committee and now moves to the Senate floor for approval. It is the most important legislation to combat Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking yet to be proposed. Click here to learn more and ask your congressperson to support the bill. Thank you, Gene & Sandy


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