by Gene Hill (Author), Sandy Hill (Author)

Your child has unprecedented access online. What are they doing? Are they safe? Do you know? Pornography searches are up 4700% during the pandemic. One in seven kids receive a sexual solicitation online. Of teens, 59% report being bullied or harassed online. Online every minute, there are 750,000 child predators.

This book walks parents through keeping minors of all ages safe. What electronics and apps are safe by age, what are effective parental control apps, privacy settings, what extra hardware adds protection? It covers the dangers of 5G, GPS, AI, sexting, video games, online dating, dangerous apps, and virtual schools.

Ex-Silicon Valley techies Gene and Sandy Hill now run, a nonprofit educating parents on how to keep children safe from trafficking. They even include recommendations to change technology and which proposed laws to support to make the Internet safe.


“Parents, this is a “must have” book.  Gene and Sandy Hill have done your homework for you on this very serious and challenging matter of protecting your children from determined predators who are masters at accessing unsuspecting children.  Read this book.  Take the actions laid out clearly. Take them sooner rather than later.  And then pass this book on to friends and family.“

Jan Patterson,

Founder and CEO of Lead Out Education


“The details in the book give parents hope. These tools show parents they can have control over the influence in the cyber world of today. We have tools to make a difference!”

Cindy Stuart

Retired Transition Coordinator Special Education 


“This book provides information we have needed for years to rescue our children from the horrible abuse that is trying to destroy our youth. I have worked at the County Prosecutor’s office on child and teen sexual abuse and we are now working with teens in the Philippines who are badly sexually abused and also being targeted on the Internet for more abuse and sex trade.  We have had nothing that was solid information until this book was written. The insight and deep information supplied along with links and even graphs and contacts is absolutely amazing.  We are excited because there is finally hope for teens and even young children who are learning Internet use so young. Every parent, teacher, and even doctors, counselors, and lawyers should have this information.  And that they would hear the sound of the danger for our youth and rise up and take this information to heart and use it and share it.”      

Cathy Kuntz

Retired Victim Witness Advocate


“I was not only impressed with the level of knowledge and information squeezed into 130 pages but the quality of potentially lifesaving tools provided.

I personally would like to see this book, this information, in the hands and on the front of the minds of all parents, adults serving the community and the general population. These crimes against children must be put to an end. With this information, I believe that substantial strides can be made to make this happen.”

Deanne Jackson-Montgomery

Substance Abuse Prevention Services
Coalition Coordinator
Kitsap County, WA State


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