Saturday, May 24, 2014

Want to help find a missing child?

The Polly Klaas Rapid Response Team has helped achieve a 99% recovery rate.

Visit the Polly Klaas Foundation master list of children on their website or Facebook page and choose a child’s poster to share on your Facebook or twitter page.  (You can either cut and paste the URL into your status or you can download and share the PDF of a child’s flyer)
Urge your Facebook friends and Twitter followers to share this missing child’s poster on their page.
If someone recognizes a child they should phone it in to 1-800-587-HELP.

The goal is 25 shares for each missing child! Imagine the total number of people who will see each child’s picture – Imagine the impact this will have for families still searching for their child – imagine being part of finding them and bringing them home!

Let’s make a difference this May 25th, the National Missing Children's Day