Monday, August 17, 2015

Police: Man tried to lure young girl into car first with candy, then knife

PORT ORCHARD — Police are looking for a man who tried to lure a young girl into his car first by offering candy, then by threatening her with a knife. A young girl was walking with her dog when she was approached by an unknown man, Port Orchard police said. The man tried to lure her into a car by offering her candy and clothing, police said, before showing her a knife and brandishing it toward her. The girl’s dog growled at the man, and she and the dog ran off. The girl’s age was not immediately released. She was not hurt in the incident.The suspect is described as a 6′ tall white man, with a thin but muscular build. He shaved his head, and wore a single earring. A scratch was visible on the left side of his neck and he was wearing a shiny black jacket, police said. The suspect was driving an older model blue Toyota. Anyone with knowledge of this incident is encouraged to call the Port Orchard Police Department at 360-876-1700. ( August 2015)