Sunday, November 24, 2019

Support Freedom13 for FREE

Would you like a way to support Freedom13 and help stop domestic minor sex trafficking, and it cost you zero? If you shop at Amazon, you can take a few extra steps one time and help Freedom13. 

1.  Sign in to your regular Amazon account and click Accounts and Lists (on the right side of your screen), then look at Lists and go down the List to you see AmazonSmile Charity Lists and click.

2. In the search box type Freedom 13. Be sure and add a space between Freedom and 13.  When you see Freedom 13, just click and you’re done!

3. When you want to shop with Amazon, type That’s it, all done! You’ll receive the same products and the same prices as the regular Amazon. The only difference is Freedom13 will receive 0.5% of qualified purchases.

Thank you for helping us. We would appreciate your sharing this with your friends.

Gene & Sandy Hill
Directors, Freedom13